27th Feb 2017 - It's not a job.........

27th Feb 2017 - It's not a job.........

So, it’s a Monday morning and the Vans have to be unloaded from the shows at the weekend and of course it’s raining.

Russell and Damo spent most of last week up at the Excel in London exhibiting at the Historic Motorsport International. Shows / Exhibitions are a big part of the business for us during the supposed warmer and drier months. Any typical show will take a least one full (very full) vanload of stock going to the show and a team of us spending a day setting up the stall.

However, over the weekend not only did we have the show at Excel, but we also had Race Retro at Stoneleigh Park to set up and exhibit at.

So, Wednesday saw us drive up to Excel and cope with their in-house logistics. This ‘logistics’ can only be best described as absolute chaos organised by people who have obviously never set up a show before – they just enjoy dictating what we can’t do. I mean, have you ever tried to unload a sprinter van full of model cars in the timeframe of 45 minutes set by the Excel staff. We were half way through unloading while getting grief from the staff when someone else from the show decided to tell us that we couldn’t put the stock in front of our stand as we were blocking the walkway !!!! I’m not sure if he hadn’t of walked away at that point quite what sort of response he was about to get !


Anyway, after a few hours we eventually managed to get the 1000’s of model cars displayed on the stall for all the awaiting Londoners over the following few days. Russell and Damo were set and could get back to their hotel and Mel and I could drive back.

Thursday saw storm Doris. Doris was trying her best to stop Mel and Jim attending and setting up at Stoneleigh. No mere storm could stop us. I know that Jim called when he arrived to say they were closing the hall shutter doors as everything was blowing over, but they still managed to get it all done – top effort (no doubt eased with the occasional beverage or two). I mean once you’re at Stoneleigh you don’t need to drive anywhere so why not have a beer or two to help. I’m sure Mel has actually been given bottles wine by customers in the past (hint if your reading this and thinking of attending shows, Mel does always appreciate the gifts).


Excel = Done.

Stoneleigh = Done.


Meanwhile I’m back in the office with Jock. Jock is still, as always, listing new stuff on the website and I’m trying to get all the mail-order out – sorry if your parcel is slightly late. I have been coming in early and leaving late to get them all done, but it may be a few hours later than anticipated.


A colleague who used to work here used to have a saying about this place and it rings very true……

“It’s not a job, it’s a f*@#ing adventure!”

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