14.03.17 - It must be outdoor show season soon......

14.03.17 - It must be outdoor show season soon......

While we are still busy listing new stock and picking / packing orders, we do have to start thinking about the exhibitions and shows that we are due to be attending over the next few months. 

When the days start to get a bit longer we tend to make the most of it and pretty much attend shows every weekend. Russell loves nothing more than having a loaded van of stock, driving to the show, setting up the stand (well  - we do more of the setting up, he does more of the chatting to other exhibitors) and trading for a few days. I think it is a welcome release from the day to day packing of orders he endures.

We have all the usual shows lined up this year, so if you usually see us at a particular show, you'll see us again this year - e.g. Goodwood (Festival and Revival), Silverstone Historic, NEC Classic. As i mentioned we have something lined up pretty much every weekend. Quite often we will be at 2 different events on the same weekend - yes we do have that superpower!

We will, throughout the year, try to give away spare tickets that we have for shows - so it is worth creating an account on our site and then we can email you when those tickets become available !!!

Something else that is worth bearing in mind is, if you find something on our site and would like to look at it before purchasing we can bring it to a show for you. The internet is all well and good, but sometimes you need to see a model before deciding. If that's the case then feel free to email us.

Anyway........this weekend we will be at the 75th Goodwood Members Meeting (sorry no spare tickets for that one), so i'd better be off and go fill the van so Russ has everything for you guys.

Goodwood 75th Members Meeting.

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