It's been a while !

What to say…….

It’s been a while as we’ve been so busy. Hey, that’s not a bad thing and I’m certainly not complaining, but I did have the intention of trying to keep the social side of this company a little more, well….social. I mean the last post was way back in March (that seems like a lifetime ago

We’ve been to a few more toy fairs and the outdoor show season is well and truly under way now, and we are desperately trying to keep up with the mail-order in the warehouse.

Jim is constantly making cups of tea and by the look of his face in the picture seems to be drowning in a sea of model military planes (he loves it really J ). In the office both Jim and Jock (yes he in Scottish and yes we do call him Jock) tend to spend the whole day listing the models. Now you may think (if you love model cars / buses / planes / etc) that this sounds like an ideal job, but when you buy a collection in and all of the models need some sort of ‘clean’ or ‘repair’ it can get a tad frustrating. Jim does tend to have a habit ‘telling’ everyone in the office about every little problem there is with the current model he is listing!! Then he just goes and makes another cup of tea and he seems to be back to earth again.  Jock’s choice of language is ‘interesting’ while he is listing. I am actually starting to think that Russ enjoys getting the damaged models in just to wind the pair of them up.

Damo is now working with us full time which is great, as the warehouse is a thankless task and needs someone with his almost Rainman skills. He really does have a natural ability for remembering the strangest things !!??!! but he can certainly lift and shift more than the average human.


Anyway, better go and carry on listing these new Norev models that have just come in. It also looks like Jim is making another cup of tea – hurrah !


Note how long it took Jim to list the planes - he had to change his t-shirt.

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